Phoenix-area therapist, specializing in anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma.

Anxiety Treatment

Individual Treatment for Anxiety

Are your muscles are tight? Does your stomach hurt? Maybe you’re worried about your spouse, the kids, the house, the car, and on and on. You have a hard time going to bed because even though you’re tired, the thoughts begin to race and you can’t fall asleep. You wake up the next day, unrested with a full list of things to do, but none of them ever seem to get done and more are added all the time. You’re irritable, jumpy, and you have a hard time focusing and concentrating

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Depression Treatment

Individual Treatment for Depression

You used to be able to manage well but those old coping mechanisms seem to have stopped working. You find yourself avoiding friends and family. You sleep too much, or maybe you don’t sleep enough. You’re not eating like you used to, minor activities seem like a major chore and you can’t seem to escape feelings of guilt and worthlessness.

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OCD Treatment

Trauma Treatment

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Hello, I’m Neil Hetzel,

Licensed Professional Counselor

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